We work with Ameren U.E. to secure your rebate on your energy conversions. Rebates can be 10% to 30% depending on the project. Most return the investment  in 3 years with 5 and 10 year warranties.

Energy Efficient

We are able to handle small or large electrical repairs and or replacement.

LED is all the 'buzz.' We have been converting lighting to LED is many applications since 2003. Only in the past few years has Produce - Promise - Price

met up.

Neon @ Attention

Neon is always an attention getter. If you want new or need your existing neon repaired, then give us a call.

Fluorescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium or the like - we service it. We know that sometimes you may not have the budget for new fixtures. It is fine with us if you just want to keep what you have lit.

Signage @ Color

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Conventional Lighting

LED and  Color

Mobile Lighting Source is a full service Lighting and Sign Company. We service parking lot lights, sign lights, building lights (outdoors and indoors) and warehouse lights. We also handle new signage needs along with accent / color lighting. We are one of the first in the metro area to convert lighting to energy efficient options.


Mobile Lighting Source

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Electric Repairs

Signage says a lot about your business. If you need a 'Sign Makeover' or a new sign; we can help.